i c a n' t b r e a t h e i' m s o c o l d

To me, nothing in the world is impossible! Too many wishes have been placed on it, the meteor will fall so heavily!


louis had to pee so harry stalled the audience for a moment and then when louis comes back he starts making fun of him.

harry: is everyone in school at the moment?

louis: im having a wee and i can still hear what you’re saying in my in-ear and your small talk was terrible.

harry: thank you

louis: *mocking harry* “so is anyone still in school? uh…have you done your homework?” I mean, is that the best you can come up with? x

#he even teases harry while he’s peeing #then again i spose that’s how it all started isn’t it [x]

i’ve looked into the eye of this island and what i saw was beautiful

"Are you here to fight with us?"

During the Breakfast Show Nick was asked by BGT act Bars & Melody to get Harry Styles to give them a shout out (cause they’re best mates and all), or better, just call him right then and there. 

Nick: “So I’ll, um, I’m gonna call the*stops*  him”

Nick: “oooh, we’ll call them when we play records, we’ll get him on”